5 events management social enterprises in Singapore

The social enterprise scene is blossoming in Singapore. A social enterprise is more than just a regular business. In a social enterprise, there has to be a social element involved. It’s more than just dollars and cents, there is a social motive behind the business. Here are 5 events management social enterprises in Singapore.

Adrenalin Group

One of the first social enterprises in the events management space, Adrenalin is a social enterprise events agency that organises and manages both branding & special events and M.I.C.E. events. Adrenalin’s mission is to empower beneficiaries such as the Deaf, Disabled and Youths-at-risk through events employment and events education.


Read our interview with Richardo Chua, Managing Director of Adrenalin Group

Love Action Project

Love Action Project aims to be the social enterprise that redefines giving to the society through both social events management and development of social volunteering. Love Action Project provides long and short term consulting to both private and public sector organisations on creative and integrative social giving. Also, they leverage their network of volunteers to contribute and showcase their talents.


FlowerRiot LLP

FlowerRiot LLP, formerly know as FlowerRiot Events, is a strong advocate of redefining event spaces through floral works. FlowerRiot provides wedding decor and styling services with a specialization in customised design and fresh floral works. We are a social enterprise that aims to inspire and bring joy through our floral works and creates employment opportunities for disadvantaged youths from low income/ broken families.


Rebel and Soul

Rebel and Soul is a social enterprise in the marketing and events management business.It is a socially conscious business whose purpose is to create life enhancing experiences. The company donate a positive interaction to those in need for every positive interaction they create for a brand.


Big Heroes

Big Heroes is a social enterprise that conceptualises and organises teambuilding programmes serving a social cause and including corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities for corporates. We partner with smaller nonprofit organization (our Partners) who have limited resources and we connect them to the corporate community. Big Heroes employ the less privileged as we believe this is the best support for them to achieve self-reliance and become a responsible member of society.



Are you are aware of any other events management social enterprise? Share them in the comments below.

Featured image source: Adrenalin Group Facebook

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