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7 Great Pieces of Career Advice

I recently read an article “7 Great Pieces of Career Advice No One Ever Told You” by Jessica Stillman on Here’s a summary of the key points.

Doing your job well is not enough

Victor Wong, CEO of Paper G said that simply doing your current job well is not sufficient to get ahead or to the next level. Instead, to make the jump, we need to think of what to do and deliver.

“You don’t become a star doing your job. You become a star by making things happen.” Therefore, seek to do more than your current responsibilities.

Who you work for is hugely important

Jeremy Boudinet, director of marketing for Ambition says that it’s valuable to work for someone who is going to want to teach you anything and everything they know. Having the best person mentoring you would result in tremendous personal and professional growth. Therefore, decide who’s the best person to work for and go work for them.

So is where you work

Your destiny is influenced greatly by the destiny of the particular organization that employs you. In other words, even if you’re a superstar at Sluggish Co., your upside trajectory is fractional to what an average/below average employee achieves at Rocket Shop Co.

Being seen as super busy isn’t always a good thing

If you think that working endless hours is a hallmark of high achievers, think again. According to Mira Zaslove, director of international sales and trading at FabExchange, when employees appear too busy or stressed, such signs may indicate to their superiors that they aren’t prepared to take on more, thus being overlooked for promotions.

Take a tour

When plotting your first (or next) big career move, many of us think very abstractly, musing in solitude or in front of Google about the joys of our supposed dream jobs. But the truth is you can’t decide on a career without seeing the day-to-day reality of where and how you work. Don’t make decisions without actually going and seeing for yourself.

Don’t hide your failures

We often have the wrong concept of failure, viewing it as a blemish on our records. However, instead of a signal of incompetence, failure is a sign that you’re willing to take a risk and innovate.

Execution matters more than plans or advice

The greatest advice is absolutely useless if you execute none of it. So rather than looking for the magic formula or a secret recipe to enable your career to success, quit listening to more and more advice and start acting on them.

Here are 7 career advice that will hopefully be helpful in your own career development. Do you know of other useful advice? Share them in the comments below.

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