Aavishkaar invested into Indonesian ecommerce platform Qlapa

Aavishkaar, through its Aavishkaar Frontier Funds (AFF), has invested an undisclosed amount into Indonesian startup Qlapa.

Qlapa allows buyers to buy directly from over 4,000 crafters. The platform sells 65,000 unique crafts items ranging from clothes, jewelry, bags, to wallets and home decor products.

“By cutting down distribution chain, buyers can get the best price of the item before any major markups by resellers. We believe Qlapa has a good competitive advantage in the e-commerce landscape, partly because we have unique crafted items. Its unique listed products set Qlapa apart from other e-commerce,” said Benny Fajarai, founder.

The internet has now become an enabler of ecommerce and facilitated business transactions among people, even those who live on two different continents. By breaking down walls and allowing easier access, perhaps inequality could be reduced and prosperity brought to many more people.

Aavishkaar made its first Indonesian investment last year in seafood startup in P.T Bali Seafood.

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