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Bliss Restaurant and Catering

Bliss Restaurant and Catering is a social enterprise based on the job integration model in collaboration with Institute of Service Excellence at SMU (ISE). It offers a wide spread of delectable western food and beverages in the most inspired of settings, providing genuine hospitality and value to diners.

Nestle in the heart of Ang Mo Kio heartland, Bliss Restaurant and Catering at Cheng San Community Centre brings out a cosy alfresco dining experience with romantic ambience at reasonable prices. Bliss also offers events and catering services.

Its vision is to create a vibrant lifestyle-dining destination with a social cause. Its social mission is to offer employment opportunities to all without discrimination even those with immutable traits.

In 2011, Ms Christine Low started Bliss as a commercial business. Gradually, it started hiring people with physical, learning, and mental challenges, such as autism and schizophrenia. Bliss supports many beneficiaries, such as Basic Knowledge Training Group (BKTG) and MINDS MYG, both are voluntary wings of the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).

Bliss Food
Platter and beer from Bliss Restaurant

In recent years, it offers employment to ex-offenders and people undergoing rehabilitation. Bliss hires up to 40 percent of its staff for the social cause. Ms Low mentioned that hiring special needs staff has raised her restaurant’s productivity. Her mainstream staff are more motivated and exhibit more leadership as they now have people to look after.

The restaurant won the 2013 President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Award, which is given to outstanding local businesses with a social mission. Bliss received the COMCARE ENTERPRISE FUND (CEF). The CEF provides funding support for social enterprises which employ the disadvantaged in the community.

Bliss was also part of the Social Enterprise Mentoring Programme, an initiative piloted by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and managed by social enterprise Empact. Christine was mentored by Suhaimi Rafdi, former CEO of Cathay Organisation.

Bliss donates groceries, used carton boxes and canned tins to low-income residents to give back to the community. Being environmentally responsible, it recycles all waste oil to biodiesel. Bliss reduces its carbon footprint by using biodegradable disposable corn ware for catering events. Over the years, Bliss has incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its business. It has done well in the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic. It is reaching out to help corporate entities looking to start CSR or refresh CSR.

Address: Cheng San Community Club, 6 Ang Mo Kio Street 53, Singapore 569205
Tel: 62803389
Operating Hours: Sunday to Monday: 5PM – 12AM. Friday & Sat: 5PM – 1AM.

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