Book Review: Say to Archippus by Henson Lim

When I first heard Henson spoke, he spoke with passion and clarity and unloaded to word for the season. Here was a man who has the gift of teaching sharing his assignment and encouraging us to fulfill ours.

After the message, I picked up a copy of his book. After completing the book, I’m awoken. But that’s the easy part, as Henson would say. It’s the aligning and assigning that makes it challenging. This book is aptly summarized by its tagline – “awakening the saints to know and fulfill their God-given kingdom assignments.”

You will read about Henson’s awakening and how he’s calling and challenging others to awake to their mission. This book will push you from your comfort zone to a confrontation zone, where you have to face the enemy and engage in battle. This book will demand that you no longer become a spectator but a soldier. This book will challenge you to change from being a couch potato lying down on the sofa while watching television to picking up arms and being part of the army and kingdom that keeps advancing.

We live in an era of hyper-grace (in Henson’s words) or what I would call frivolous grace. The Bible speaks of balance but we find it hard to strike a balance. We swing from extreme to extreme and find it hard to keep the seesaw balanced. From a time of legalism to a time of hyper grace, we swing from one end of the pendulum to the other. We play up grace and shut down works. We talk of grace as the basis and evidence of our salvation. We put works out of our minds.

This appears to me like frivolous grace. Grace that has been exploited, abused and misused. Grace that has lost its sacred meaning. Instead, faithful grace is grace that forms the basis of our salvation. It is His faithfulness and grace that allows us to be saved. It’s the foundation of our salvation. However, our works form the evidence of our salvation. True faith brings works. True grace results in works.

In one chapter of his book, Henson shared four observations that are useful to remind us that we are all ministers or servants of the Lord, not because of who we are or what we can do, but by His grace.

We are worthy by grace, significant by grace, activated by grace and fruitful by grace. Of these four, the last one struck a chord as I was reading the book.

…No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me.
– 1 Corinthians 15:10

Paul was a remarkable man. He’s highly intelligent, capable, talented had the credentials to become successful. Not just that, he was hardworking and labored diligently. Humanly speaking, he could attribute his success to himself. Yet, he realized that it was not him who was the key behind his successes but rather the grace of God that was with him. In the same way, it’s easy for us to claim credit for a job well done. It’s almost in our nature to want to attribute our success to our own talents, gifts or effort.

This is a good reminder for me that my success is not my own doing but rather the grace of God. Sometimes, I am prone to claim credit when a favourable result occurs or when success happens. Or I may conclude that when things don’t go as planned, it is because others are incapable or lazy. How proud and judgmental for me to assume that when things go well, it’s my doing and when others fail that it’s their failing.

May this verse by Paul serve as a reminder that often it’s His grace that allow us to succeed and do well. May our lives be all about faithful and fruitful grace rather than frivolous grace.


This is a book about waking up from our slumber and getting our alignment right. This is a book about taking action and achieving our kingdom assignment. This is a clarion call for all to be awakened, aligned and assigned.

Get your copy of “Say to Archippus” here.

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