Good Books

Good Books

Welcome to Good Books, where our vision is to make the gift of reading and knowledge readily available.

Book Club

We are looking to start a book club in Singapore where like-minded people can come together to share their insights from reading and discuss them over good coffee and light bites.

We are looking for a core group to begin and will look to cap the participation to 10 people per session.

For the start, we are looking at non-fiction books in the area of personal development. In line with our desire to build a better world by building a better you, we want to focus on developing the person, hence our choice of genre.

Each book club session will be held at a conducive environment (think a nice cafe with good coffee) where we can share, discuss and enjoy each other’s company.

Online Bookstore

We will be selling a curated collection of books and we want to revolutionise the online book scene in South East Asia. We believe in providing good reads with good service.

More than just an online bookstore

To enable more people to enjoy books and the gift of reading, we are working with partners in South East Asia to bring books, start libraries and deliver happiness. You can purchase a book, donate your pre-loved books, support financially to our next project or volunteer your time on our community trip.

Good Books

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