How Adrenalin Started

How Adrenalin started

Richardo Chua, Managing Director of Adrenalin Group, talks about how Adrenalin started. He will share what he did prior to starting Adrenalin, what he did after getting started, how he landed his first deal, and what were the key moments that crystallise his social mission.

Spoke to many people

When Richardo decided to start Adrenalin, he had a good job at the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore. When he was at a crossroads in his EDB career, he made up his mind to leave it all and start Adrenalin. During the 6 months before his official departure from EDB, he talked to people, both within and outside EDB, about his idea. Through this conversations, he was able to refine his ideas and build up his potential clients. He also put up his savings of about $50,000 and raised another $50,000 as his initial investment.

Marketed shamelessly

Once he started, he printed a t-shirt which he wrote daily for the next two years. Ric then bought a small van for the business and printed Adrenalin’s website on the front, back, side, and even top of the van (so people from the top of the flats should see it). In a sense, he marketed shamelessly and took every opportunity to make his brand and business known.

Did everything

He also took on everything that came his way. While Adrenalin is an events company, there were times when he had to play tour guide, courier, and cleaner. He took on the small weird stuff as long as they came his way.

He also attended many events and talked to many people.

His first intern was the neighbour downstairs, while his first office came 18 months after he started. He did not take a salary for the first year too.

The first event

Adrenalin’s first event was for the Boys’ Home. Ric was introduced to the head of the Boys’ Home. During that meeting, he shared about Adrenalin and pitch the idea that he could help the youth to put the annual concert for the Boys’ Home together. He trained them for eight weeks before they tried their hand at organising the concert.

He worked with eight boys over eight weeks, trained them to put together the concert ‘The Future Idol’. This was one of those moments which crystallise Adrenalin’s social mission and its existence as a social enterprise.

The crystallising moment

After the event, Ric walked back with two boys. He asked what they will be doing when they are released.

One of the boys said that he will go back to the only job he can do and that is moving dead bodies.

When Ric heard this, the hairs on his neck stood up. And he thought to himself, “I want to build a place that can provide good jobs and give them a better future.”

Therefore, nine years on, we have Adrenalin Group.

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