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How to juggle business and family – Theresa Evanoff (Gift-It-Forward)

Theresa Evanoff, Founder of Gift-It-Forward, left her corporate career to start a social enterprise. While not all of us will find ourselves in the same circumstances as Theresa when she left, let’s hear her nuggets of wisdom. Theresa shares on how to juggle business and family.

What are some advice you have for people who have a job but want to embark on entrepreneurship?

“It is a totally different environment going from big corporations, like the ones I worked for, to a start-up environment. If you the risk excites you, then do it as soon as you’re ready! If you need a little more stability, then try to juggle the “day job” while starting up your own business, as there will certainly be some risks involved – but that is also part of the fun!”

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Is there a right time to jump in?

“Personally, I think you know when you know. If you’ve found something you’re passionate about and have the time and resources to support an entrepreneurial journey, then that’s the right time. Sometimes you might have a great idea, but for other reasons, be it financial or personal, you can’t run with it at that point in time. Still, there is never a perfect time, so at some point, you just have to take a leap of faith!”

Theresa plays multiple roles: social entrepreneur, wife, mother of 3 young kids. How does she get all these done? Read on.

How do you juggle business and family?

“That is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. But I thrive on a busy schedule so I try to make it work. I work on the business when the kids are at school and when they are sleeping. When they are home from school and on weekends, I focus my time and energy on them. However, I must admit that it’s an intense juggling act and I feel like I’m in a circus every day!”

In terms of having more time for your children, is starting a business actually better?

“Yes, it’s definitely more flexible and more rewarding. I can define my own hours to work and take time off when my kids are sick or have school activities.”

While there are perks to starting up on your own, it does come with its own sets of challenges and struggles.

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