Social Enterprise Spotlight features a social enterprise based in Asia on a regular basis. In this post, we look at Kopernik, a social enterprise based in Bali, Indonesia, that funds the development and distribution of affordable technologies to very remote communities.

It has entities (non-profit and for-profit) in US, Japan and Indonesia. Donors fund the upfront costs of introducing technologies and creating micro-business opportunities in remote communities. The money raised from product sales is reinvested in more technology for needy communities.

Some of these technologies that Kopernik brings to last mile communities:

  • Solar Lanterns so as to provide clean, bright light at night
  • Biomass Stove to allow for smoke-free, fuel-friendly cooking
  • Water filter to provide safe, clean, convenient drinking water

Founded by Toshi Nakamura and Ewa Wojkowska, who saw that while affordable technologies like these existed, they weren’t reaching the last mile. They left a decade of service with the United Nations to launch Kopernik in 2010 so as to bridge that gap.

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