Quotes from 7 social entrepreneurs

While social entrepreneurship is fairly new locally, Singapore has the potential to become a regional hub for social enterprises and investors operating in the sector.

Perhaps you may be interested in social entrepreneurship and wonder how to get started or what to look out for. We hope this collection of 7 quotes will inspire you and provide you some insights on what some social entrepreneurs in Singapore have to say about social entreprenership.

Justice through good design
“People are born differently abled, not disabled, but because society has minimal inclusion for such people, it renders them disabled. I felt it was social injustice.” – Ken Chua, (these)abilities

Helping beyond just providing handouts
“For over 20 years we have been giving blankets to the homeless, we are not ready to innovate.” – Prasoon Kumar, Billion Bricks

Start something small and simple but impactful
“We realised there was a need to provide a voice to the discussion. We wanted to come up with methods of engagement and spaces that get Singaporeans involved in talking about what it means to be Singaporean and to build our society – focusing on the positive aspects. By understanding the concept of culture – we decided to build a holistic movement encompassing various tools from videos to physical events that got Singaporeans celebrating and enjoying the country that they’ve always loved but perhaps have gotten too busy to remember.” – Rovik Robert Jeremiah, The Hidden Good

It’s all hard work
“Work like hell for the first 2 years. Then try to get 8-9 hours of sleep daily otherwise you will burn out pretty quickly.” – Ashwin Subramaniam, Gone Adventurin’

Failure was not an option
“I knew that there were a lot of people depending on me, especially the beneficiaries. Thus, failure was not an option for me and this kept me going” – Koh Seng Choon, Project Dignity

Dare to do something different
“Sometimes we all need to be rebellious to pilot something radical.” – Debra Lam, Society Staples

More than just the bottom line
“I think it points to more and more people wanting to build businesses that have a social purpose beyond pure economic profit — and that’s a good thing! It means that our community of socially-minded businesses is growing, and we have opportunities to work with more like-minded collaborators in different industries…It [also] provides some tangible, measurable proof that we are a social business that is authentic and putting ourselves out there against the best in the world.” – Pamela Chng, Bettr Barista Coffee Academy

These people are inspiring, because they are not just chasing the bottom line, but there are also trying to leave a legacy and impact on others. More than profits, they are also focused on people.

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