Singapore is the top country in Asia for social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs using businesses to help tackle social problems are emerging across the globe but there is little data to see which countries are encouraging this growing sector. To fill this gap, the Thomson Reuters Foundation teamed up with Deutsche Bank, UnLtd and the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network to conduct the world’s first experts’ poll on the best countries for social entrepreneurs.

Based on their findings, the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom took the top three spots. Singapore is 4th on the list and the highest-ranking Asian country.

As Patsian Low, Head, DBS Foundation observe, “Social entrepreneurs in Singapore can count on government support and increasing attention from private investors, while momentum is gathering for public awareness. It is a good hub for regional expansion.”

Polling Results
How Singapore scored from 1 to 44 for each question. (Lowest rank and highest average score is the most positive).

This is an affirmation of the good structures present in Singapore to enable social entrepreneurs. In fact, the number of social enterprises on this tiny island has been increasing over the years.

At The Good Movement, we will continue to feature Singapore’s social enterprises and interview social entrepreneurs.

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