Social enterprise Gift-It-Forward turns one

Gift-It-Forward, a social enterprise aiming to teach children the value of generosity and sharing, turns one this June. The social enterprise is proud to celebrate a successful year of progress, and hopes to continue its commitment in spreading the value of generosity and social responsibility.

How Gift-It-Forward works

Gift-It-Forward is an online invitation platform that helps people plan parties with a charitable twist. When users send out their party invitations through the site, they also automatically create a gift fund, of which between 50%-100% will go towards a charity of their choice. The remaining portion of the fund goes towards a bigger, better gift that the birthday boy or girl hopes to receive.

Gift-It-Forward 5 Easy Steps

Instead of bringing individual gifts to a birthday party, guests contribute to the gift fund online. Gift-It-Forward then consolidates and splits the contributions between the child and the charity of choice.

June Davies used Gift-It-Forward for her son’s fifth birthday. She shares, “My son was so proud that he was able to help the children at Canossaville Children’s Home. The experience has given him a wider meaning to his birthday. It was an amazing way to introduce the concept of social responsibility to him. I believe this has impacted him in such a positive way!”

Over $11,000 raised for partner charities

Over the past year, Gift-It-Forward has raised more than $11,000 SGD for local charities through the generosity of its users, called Superstars, and their party guests.

“Gift-It-Forward is a such an excellent way to teach kids the importance of social responsibility and caring for others,” says Selina Sebastian, Deputy Executive Director of the SPCA. “We are proud to be a partner charity and are truly grateful to Gift-It-Forward and the lovely children who have chosen to share their birthday gifts with the SPCA.”

Several partner charities have come on board since last year’s launch. These include: the Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA), Centre for Fathering, Community Cancer Fund, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Very Special Arts (VSA). Today, Gift-It-Forward has a total of twelve partner charities in Singapore.

Goals for the future

Founder & CEO, Theresa Evanoff remarked, “We have lots of exciting plans in mind for the next twelve to eighteen months. Our main aim is to raise awareness of our platform to let more people know that there is a fun and easy way to give back to the local community. We hope to continue to spread the message that children of all ages can help to make a difference. We want to secure more partnerships and funding opportunities to make this happen.”

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Not only can this service be used for birthdays, but also for events such as baby showers, housewarming parties, weddings, or wherever gifts may be involved. The social enterprise aspires to change the way people celebrate. Gift-It-Forward is a concept that not only simplifies party planning but also helps to educate children of the priceless lesson of social responsibility.

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