Susan Gregg Koger, ModCloth


Susan Gregg Koger is founder of ModCloth. She started to curate her own vintage collections for sale online. She did an interview with Design Sponge and here are some highlights.


Can you name a moment of failure in your business experiences?

When we were first starting out, we had all of the merchandise stolen out of the back of our car. Another time, I deleted the entire product catalog accidentally. I really try to look at failures as learning opportunities.

Can you name your greatest success in your business experiences?

It’s either the community experience we’re creating for our customers, giving them a voice in what we do, or the fact that we’re providing jobs for more than 400 people.

What business books/resources (if any) would you recommend to someone starting a creative business of their own?

Reach out to people you admire who are doing interesting things and ask them for advice. You’ll be amazed by how helpful people are when you build relationships with them.

E-Myth is really useful when just starting out; it has particularly good insights around hiring for the first time and building job descriptions. Getting Things Done is key for personal productivity. Blink gave me insight into how my creative “hunches” work and is generally fascinating (well written, too!).

I also love Paul Graham’s essay on How to Do What You Love. I read it for the first time a few years ago and find myself coming back to it every six months or so to make sure I’m on track.

In your opinion, what are the top three things someone should consider before starting their own business?

1) What’s the problem you’re solving in the market or for your customers?

2) What would success look like for the business and for you personally? You’ll want to make sure that those two things align.

3) Is this something you can work on and it won’t feel like work?


For the full interview, click here.

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