Percolate Coffee

Today, we grabbed a cuppa after dinner

Parenting and freedom is often seen as opposites.

Sometimes, parenting is seen as a burden since the arrival of the little one means that we must work around her schedule. While that was true in the initial months (not the burden part, but the part about having to work around her schedule), I think that it’s becoming easier since she turned one.

Furthermore, we determined that we will make her a part of our lives and attempt to incorporate and assimilate her into our lifestyle. This is why we brought her along on a nature hike on a Saturday morning while mummy is working.

Today, we wanted to grab a cuppa after dinner and drove to a little cafe in Bedok.

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While drinking our lattes and eating our black velvet cake, we soaked in each other’s presence. The whole world seemed to stop and we could just enjoy one another’s company. I couldn’t remember what we spoke about, but I can still savour the moment, hear the laughter, and replay the funny antics of the little one.

It wasn’t a glamourous moment or one with much fanfare, but it was definitely one to savour. The aroma of coffee, the beauty of the latte art, the sweetness of the cake, and most importantly, the warmth of family.

#ThisIsFamily #ThisIsLove

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