What made our first event possible

It was raining cats and dogs as I was preparing to leave home for the community event. My little girl was crying as my wife was trying her best to comfort and pacify her. I left home with the big bag of teddy bears and made my way to the car. I felt like Santa Claus as I was doing so.

The journey took about ten minutes but I had to drive slowly as visibility was bad due to the torrential rain. As I made my way, my mind was in a mess. Though I was physically moving away from home, I felt like my heart and mind did not leave my bedroom, where my wife was comforting our daughter. It was then that a thought stuck me. Serving the community is never a one-man show. It takes a team to make something happen. It was because of the sacrifice and love of my wife that enabled me to make my way to bless the kids. It was this partnership that made our giving possible.

When I arrived, I met the volunteers and witnessed collaboration at work. One volunteer took the reading session and handled over to another for the games. Another reading session and then another games session. The handover and collaboration enabled the night to work out well and the kids to learn and enjoy themselves.

In fact, this event happened because of the collaboration between The Good Movement and Bukit Panjang YEC. Alone, we can go fast, but together, we can go far. 

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