Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Philippines

Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

The Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (YEBC) is a program seeking to empower the youth to venture into business in Philippines, as well as pursue a degree in entrepreneurship. Held at the Li Seng Giap Auditorium, a summit and exhibit featuring successful entrepreneurs and notable figures in the field of business.

Organized by the Center for Strategic Reforms (CSR) of the Philippines, YEBC presents a series of talks and workshops to encourage youth to venture into business in the country, as well as pursue a degree in entrepreneurship, so as to reduce the brain drain.

CSR Philippines believes that if the next generation takes up entrepreneurship, they will create more opportunities for Filipinos, help the country outgrow labor export, and contributes to the nation’s development.

Furthermore, it is in line with existing programs of the Department of Trade & Industry, BPI Foundation, Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc., The Outstanding Young Men Foundation, and University of Asia and the Pacific Entrepreneurial Program.

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